Trà Chanh Bụi Phố

Client: Trà Chanh Bụi Phố

Category: F&B Industry

Since: 2019

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Inspired by the tea culture of Vietnam, the brand name Trà Chanh Bụi Phố was born and is earning the interest and love from both Vietnamese and foreigners communities. With thorough reseaches and and huge passion for tea, the brand invests continuously into ingredient selection process, diversified beverage dispension in both flavours and categories. Trà Chanh Bụi Phố always brings the best experience to their customers in their huge chain of hundreds branches all over Vietnam.

Cooperating with CiaoLINK, Trà Chanh Bụi Phố has pushed themselves to a new edge of customer serving with fast ordering system and optimized work process for staffs which boost their revenue to a new level.