Reinventing personal banking in Southeast Asia

As a organization heading to future technology and quality, CiaoLINK take advantage of, and participate in the evolving business environment and emerging opportunities driven by rapid technology innovation. CiaoLINK acts as liaison for customers and businesses by building and operating new digital banking channels that allow customers to allocate spending effectively between growing demands of modern lifestyle.

Identifying opportunities that have growth potential

CiaoLINK’s product which helps customers to not only receive the best offers from businesses but at the same time cater to every daily needs, is targeting the fastest growing segments in Vietnam such as F&B, Entertainment, Wellness & Spa and Sports.


Our Fintech Solutions

CiaoLINK Fintech Ltd. is a technology company which specializes in developing fintech solutions for F&B shops, Gaming rooms, Spas and Sports. With over 10 year working experience in IT industry, CiaoLINK Fintech believes our solutions will solve critical problems of businesses we work with for the best cost.

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CiaoLINK Games - DST Studio

Our Gaming Studio

DST Studio – CiaoLINK Games is acquired as the second largest game studio in Vietnam. DST studio – CiaoLINK Games has been partner and game producer for VNG since 2010. The company is now acting as the information technology solutions provider for CiaoLINK and at the same time build and publish mobile games all over the world.


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